Friends, I was recently interviewed by Emily Turner, the communication director at Retreat House Spirituality Center. In it she writes about her firsthand experience with the GPS Spiritual Inventory Give it a read!

“A Love Mission” by Emily Turner

Paul Burns is a Rev. Dr. in the Presbyterian Church and served as a pastor for more than 12 years before resigning from this post in February 2020, just a month before the pandemic hit, to launch a long-time dream of his – Soul Metrics. While his choice to leave a secure job could seem a bit peculiar, it might actually be divine timing.  

Burns says he thinks we have a love problem in our country. And, while this has become clearer in the past several months as political rhetoric and racial tensions have overtaken news cycles, this is something he saw coming long before COVID brought many of these fractures into focus.

“As a pastor, I noticed that the majority of people were stuck,” says Burns. “Most churches measure success based on how full the pews are, how many people are signing up to serve, enrolling in Bible studies, tithing, etc. And, while these are good things, they do not specifically tend to the interior of a person, nor does it create framework for transformation or a greater outpouring of love.”

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