Live GPS Spiritual Inventory© Certification Beginning 5/3/2024




The GPS Spiritual Inventory© is a game-changing assessment that revolutionizes the way we think about and observe spirituality. Coaching with a licensed GPS Certified Practitioner brings awareness into the realm of action.

Becoming a GPS Spiritual Inventory© Certified Practitioner

In this live 5-session, comprehensive course with Rev. Dr. Paul Burns you will learn:

  • The theory behind the GPS Spiritual Inventory ©
  • The three factors of spiritual health
  • The nine essentials of spiritual health
  • How to understand the assessment results
  • How to coach/counsel with the results
  • How to help create a spiritual health maintenance and development plan
  • 13 spiritual health practices to share with your clients

PLUS, receive a 1-hour one-on-one with Rev. Dr. Paul Burns to round out your certification.